Birding Discovery Tour Chula Vista Wildlife Reserve

The Chula Vista Wildlife Reserve has just been modified with new tidal creeks and channels which allow the rising tides to coarse through the area more efficiently and create new habitat for fish.

This new environment creates a great habitat for endangered birds such as the light-footed clapper rail, western snowy plover, California least tern, and thousands of migratory birds, as well as the eastern Pacific green sea turtle.
Our weekend dates have the perfect tides for exploring and our quiet, slow-moving kayaks will not disturb the turtles or the neighboring bird habitats.
Bring your family and friends and come on down for an enjoyable few hours of exploring this beautiful nature reserve.
We make it easy for you to join us on this paddle. We provide all the kayaks, life vests and equipment plus an introductory paddling lesson. No previous kayaking or swimming experience is required.
We use stable, comfortable kayaks that are easy to paddle for a safe, enjoyable day on the bay.